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The product Coconut Swish 5 star excellent, delivery poor at best, arrived 3 weeks after proposed date.


This Coconut Oil Swish is AWESOME!!! I really liked what I read about the product and knew I had to try it, am I so happy I did! There are so many things I love about it. I love the taste, the coconut and spearmint are great together and leaves such a good taste after you rinse. My mouth feels so clean and super refreshed, almost like after a cleaning at the dentist. The best part is I already see such a difference in the whitening of my teeth , I can't believe it!! If my teeth look this good after only using it for 4 days I can't imagine how they'll look in a month! I highly recommend this product to everyone! Also, the product came fast and was packaged great. They give you clear instructions on how to use it, its very simple and easy. I would like to say that I was not paid or given a discount to give a positive review by the company. I just want people to know how awesome this is and it works!!!

We love this product

We love this product. We've tried oil pulling with plain coconut oil and different specialty coconut oil toothpastes but nothing compares to coconut swish! It's the easiest to use and best tasting by far and it really works. My teeth are whiter after only using for a week and feel so clean after every use.

Great product!

I really like that this is in a plastic container which I keep in the shower. I brush my teeth and swish with this every morning while doing morning routine. Love the taste and convenience of the product. Thank you!

Virgin Coconut Swish Oral Rinse...Customer for life!!!

Product is the best oral rinse I have ever used. I have noticed that consistently using this oral rinse twice a day my mouth feels cleaner and stays fresh all day. Also, I was having some irritation for about a week. After the first use of this oral product the irritation was gone. I am a customer for life! Directions are clear and I use the product twice a day after brushing. I discovered that the owner of Lauren Naturals is a nurse. I am a nurse as well. Thank you, from a fellow nurse, for selling a great product that is natural and delivers what it is intended to do. Finally, the product arrived quickly and on-time. I would buy from this seller again. Packaging is (plastic bottle) is good.

Love it! I'll use this twice a day

Love it! I'll use this twice a day and swish for even 10mins+ if I have the time, though the bottle says you can do for as little as 2mins a day. The taste is a mix of a mild minty mouthwash flavor, mixed with coconut oil which has a bit of taste to it as well. I definitely have noticed a bit of whitening after using this religiously the past month, but either way I would continue to use this as a mouth wash to fight morning breath.

I have to say i love this stuff

I have to say i love this stuff, it feels weird at first, no taste, while swooshing. You have to be doing something else while swooshing to keep the time going. But i have seen improvement of my teeth and breath. It's like you don't have to brush afterwards, but i do. So i would like to buy again, because it goes so fast.

It leaves your mouth feeling so clean

It leaves your mouth feeling so clean. Coconut oil helps pull bacteria and toxins from your mouth. After using this my dentist could not believe I had not had a check up some where else. She said I had almost no plaque or tartar and it had been a year since my check up.

Love it.

Arrived on time and was exactly as expected. I have done coconut oil pulling for awhile but have never been able to get to a place where I was even remotely enjoying it. This product is perfect for me because I get the clean feeling associated with the mint flavor and the added benefit of knowing the coconut oil is helping with the anti-viral and anti-bacterial aspects. I think it does help with whitening, but not by leaps and bounds. It's a steady, gradual whitening. Definitely helps with bad breath, as would any astringent mouth wash, but a difference I've noticed is that fresh breath seems to last much longer than with other products I've tried. Over all I really do love this swish. I wish it was more affordable however,and hope the company will work to make it a more reasonable price.

Awesome !

This swish is awesome! I've tried oil pulling with straight coconut oil and had a difficult time with it.. I got this swish hoping it would be better for me and it surpassed all my expectations! Great taste and consistency, super easy to use and I already see and feel the difference after one week of using it. My teeth seem whiter and my mouth feels healthier. I can't wait to see how much better the results will be as I continue to use it.

I love this stuff

I love this stuff. I have tried a few products and they burn my gums. This is gentle and does as described. I am now a fan Will definitely​ repurchase.

Great product for newbies to oil pulling

Great product for newbies to oil pulling. It's not as nearly potent in taste compared to coconut oil straight. Works well and leaves your mouth feeling very clean. There is not too much coconut oil in the bottle compared to the amount of mouth wash so if you're serious about oil pulling I would use this randomly in your routine to mix it up or as a beginner product before your move to straight coconut oil.